Reserve a Lamb

     When reserving a kid/lamb we suggest also picking a second choice, in case the proper sex kid/lamb is not available from that Doe/Ewe. Reservations for kids/lambs must be made with a $100.00 non refundable deposit on each kid/lamb with balance due before the kid/lamb leaves our farm. Note that prices on list are for pre-ordered kids/lambs only. Prices may fluctuate after the kid/lamb is born, if not claimed for purchase.

     At our convenience, we recommend that arrangements are made to pick up your kid/lamb as soon as you are notified of their birth. All kids/lambs are hand bottle raised and you must be ready to take over or pay a border fee for each kid/lamb to be wean. I wean at 8 weeks of age. When you reserve a kid/lamb from one of our does/ewes, we will try our best to fit you with the kid/lamb of your choice, however we do reserve the right to retain any pre-ordered kids/lamb, for replacement purposes or otherwise.Shipping is only availible for the Dairy goats. The lambs and or sheep must be picked up or arranged delivery only.
    Air shipping is a possibility, at the buyer's expense. Please contact us if shipping is required for your kid. Also note, that all extra fees (ex: health papers, vet checks, etc.) are at buyer's expense, in advance for extra services. 
     Deposits and other monies paid toward your kid/lamb will be refunded if the kid of your choice is not available and you do not wish to use those monies towards the purchase of another kid/lamb. However, if health papers and vet bill expenses exist, any monies paid will first go towards these expenses, and will not be refunded. Monies paid above and beyond these expenses will be refunded.

All kids will be disbudded, no exceptions!
Please check our for sale page for notifications on animals for sale. 

If you have any questions please feel free to Contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


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