When ordering Mail order chicks its a little diffrent game then hatching your own. See when shipping birds there are a lot of variables that come into play. For instance Tempature the birds we send out are packed according to a three day in advance weather pattern chart which we pull before we begin shipping for the day. If you live in Missouri like we do we relize that the weather can change at the drop of a dime. knowing this we cant control the weather but the newly hatched baby chicks are packed not to hot and not to cold so if they need to they can huddle and if they dont they have space to spread out. We do our best to pack according to the weather as we can. The post office every ones favorite person when shipping an item. There are both extremely good post offices as well as some that are as good with handleing packages as they should be this is completey out of our control.

When you place an order and find out when your birds will ship it is smart to start preparing for them. Reading up on how to take care of chicks and doing research never hurt anyone. You will need to get ther brooder and/or pen together at least 2 to 3 days before they arrive. the brooder needs to be up and running that long with thermometers on floor level where the chicks will be. The thermometers need to be achieving 95-98 degrees directly below the heat lamp or other heat source. We highly reccomend kiln dried large pine shaving due to the fact that cedar shaving put off a toxic arroma (some types of cedar are okay but make sure you have done your research. The reason for the large chips is due to the chicks not being able to eat them, you see a chickens diet is composed of 20% of there own litter which pine shaving and/or wood is one that a chicken can not fully digest . So therefore if it cannot diegest its food eventually it will have a compacted crop and could die.

So knowing this we can begin to talk about when they arrive at your post office. When they arrive at your post office there is instructions on the invoice to call your primary number to which you have provided to us upon ordering. When you get to the post off we ask that you emeadiatly open your box to see if all your beatiful babies have arrived safe if not we need to know this so when you get home please email us the alive count as well as the dead count with a picture. Within 12 to 24 hours you will recieve either an email or a phone call to talk with you and consult you through certain steps at this time we will work with you for the next 24 hours to acount for any birds lost after the arrival. At this time we will move forward to either refund you the diffrence on the lost birds or by your request reship you the order. If you choose to have the birds reshipped the cost of the birds will be covered but the shipping will not. If there is a mistake within the order suck as wrong birds, wrong number of birds, or something that will lye soley on breed charateristics we will also need pictures email to further help you fix this problem immeadiatly.

When you get your new chicks home the first thing you need to do is give them good clean fresh water that is around 95-98 derees. What this does is it boosts there body tempature up to where it needs to be helping you prevent loss due to the cold. Lots of people will tell you to put sugar in there water well I do not believe this help for the simple fact that bacteria feeds on sugar. Therefore coccidiosis which is a bacteria will continue to thrive and will grow to eventually kill your bird if not treated correctly. Make sure you always have a thermometer at ground level in your brooder to keep an accuract tempature. You will need to momitor the tempature until the birds feather out at which this point the can better regulate there own body tempature. You will need to decrease the tempature 5 degrees a week until you are achieving outside tempature at night. The reason for the night tempature is beacause it is normaly colder than in the day time unless you were blessed to live somewhere where ther tempature is the same year around and every day. All i can say is your lucky and Im stuck in Missouri.

When you have done all this and your new chicks are doing great you can then start spoiling them. We always like photoes and videos so feel free to send us some. Thank you for buy from us and even if you dont we truly hope this has helped. A good website to look up and study is The Chicken Vet